E. Tashi*a (Mr), S. Golgotaa (Mr), S. Balaa (Prof)

a University Hospital Shefqet Ndroqi, Tirana, ALBANIA

* eritjantashi@gmail.com


Infection of tracheobronchial tree, termed endobronchial tuberculosis (EBTB), exists in 10-40% of patients with pulmonary involvement of tuberculosis

Case report

Here we present a case of a 24 year old woman which presented to hospital due to recurrent infections in the chest and wheezing during rest. She has been taking several courses of antibiotics and inhalator pumps but without improvement

Patient one year before has been diagnosed with sputum positive for mycobacterium tuberculosis and treated with 4 drug regimen for 2+4 months. No resistance was noted on culture. Overall treatment went good. Patient became negative at the 4 week of treatment. No reaction was noted. Patient compliant and full therapy was taken.

A bronchoscopy was conducted and Annular stenosis of the entrance of the right upper lobe was noted. The scope could not pass and stenosis was simple. Electrocautery was applied . The symptoms residues completely. 1 year follow up was unremarkable


Patients who are diagnosed with TSTB secondary to previous pTB, with recurrent lower respiratory tract infections, absence of systemic symptoms, or CT findings of fibrosis or lung collapse, may have a higher risk of symptom recurrence on conservative management alone. Stenting ,surgical resection, argon plasma and elctrocautery are options of treatment.

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