J. Longa (Dr), Y. Liu*a (Dr), L. Liua (Dr), Y. Xiaoa (Prof), Y. Zhanga (Dr), Y. Lia (Dr), Y. Zhoua (Dr), S. Ouyanga (Dr)

a First Department of Respiratory Medicine, Yan’An Hospital Affiliated to Kunming Medical University, Kunming, Yunnan, China, Kunming, Yunnan, China, CHINA

* zhiyizhiyi@yeah.net

Abstract: Tracheobronchial mucormycosis is a rare form of pulmonary mucormycosis with the involvement of the central airways. It is relatively rare in clinical practice, but due to the difficulty of early diagnosis and the complicated treatment process, causing a high mortality rate and poor prognosis. Our department has recently admitted three patients with tracheobronchial mucormycosis, in the process of diagnosis and treatment, the bronchoscope has been fully utilized, and finally the condition of these three patients has been well improved. Bronchoscopy biopsy is less traumatic and reproducible. At the same time, it can be used to collect the alveolar lavage fluid or other materials as samples, and submit for inspection to enhance the positive rate, which is very useful for early diagnosis. And for confirmed patients, besides antifungal treatment, controlling the underlying diseases, and surgical treatment when it is necessary, bronchoscopy is more useful, it can not only be used to evaluate the current condition and treatment effect, but also greatly promote the recovery of the disease by clearing those intrabronchial lesions and dripping amphotericin B into the bronchus intermittently, and which will help to greatly improve the patient's condition and prognosis.

Keywords: pulmonary mucormycosis, Tracheobronchial mucormycosis, diagnosis and treatment via bronchoscopy, early diagnosis, effective treatment

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