E. O'Reilly*a (Dr), AM. Sweeneya (Dr), M. Kennedya (Dr)

a Cork University Hospital, Cork, IRELAND

* emily.oreilly@mailp.hse.ie


The development of single use flexible or disposable bronchoscopes (SUFBs) has accelerated in recent years, with the reduced risk of infectious transmission and reduced need for endoscopy staffing particularly advantageous in the COVID-19 pandemic era. he object of this study was to assess the performance of a novel single use bronchoscope in an academic quaternary referral centre with on-site interventional pulmonology program.


With ethical approval in a quaternary referral centre, we prospectively collected data on sequential bronchoscopy procedures using Boston Scientific® EXALTTM Model B scope. Data collected included demographic, procedural, scope performance, user satisfaction and complication parameters.


24 procedures were performed by five pulmonology faculty from January to July 2021, 15 using the larger 2.8 mm channel scope. 5/24 were in patients with malignancy. Two were theatre cases through a rigid bronchoscope. Procedures included endobronchial biopsy, transbronchial biopsy, cryobiopsy, debulking and argon plasma coagulation. There were no scope related complications and no case required conversion to a reusable scope. 24/25 reported the highest score in satisfaction with one procedure where the bronchoscopist was unable to access the right upper lobe with forceps in-situ.


In a small subset of patients in a bronchoscopy unit, the Boston Scientific® EXALTTM Model B scope was safe and both routine and advanced bronchoscopy procedures can be performed with high satisfaction reported.

Disclosure of funding source(s):

Dr Kennedy has received speaker fees from Boston Scientific