O. Zahran*a (Dr), A. Youssef Gadb (Prof)

a Faculty of Medicine, Tanta, EGYPT ; b Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, EGYPT

* 3olazahra@gmail.com

Therapeutic role of liquid nitrogen spray cryotherapy in treatment of central endobronchial malignancy

Ola Abdelftah Elsawy Zahra*, SalwaAtefGanna*, YousefMohamed Mansour*, Ahmed Youssef Shaaban gad * and Ali Mohamed Ali Abdelah


*M.B.B.CH Faculty of Medicine,Tanta University.

*lecturer of chest disease, Faculty of Medicine, TantaUniversity. *Professor of chest diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University. *Professor and head of department of chest diseases,Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.

*Professor of chest diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University.


Background:endo bronchialspray cryotherapy is a modality of bronchoscopic cryotherapy promising high grades of success during paliative treatment of endobronchial obstruction.

A im : to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Cryo Spray Ablation System in treatment of central airway lesions using liquid nitrogen sprayed through acatheter via flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy, also to assess the efect of such modality on patient clinical manifestations, imaging and other investigations.

Patients and Methods: This work was caried out on 20 patients with central malignant tracheobronchial lesions.They were folowed up clinicaly, radiologicaly and by bronchoscope at zero (before cryospray),2 weeks, 1 month and 2 months after Spray Cryotherapy.

Results:There was significant improvement in dyspnea,cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, Karnofsky performance status, 6 Minute Walking Test, pulmonary function, degree of obstruction, pulmonary atelectasis, lobar collapse and neoplastic mass 2 weeks, one month and 2 months after cryotherapy. But there were insignificant changes in PO2 before and after cryotherapy.

Conclusion: Bronchoscopic spray cryotherapy with the newly developed cryoprobe, permits efective, safe and inexpensive therapy and can be used in treatment of malignant central air way obstruction.



Corespondingauthor:Ola Abdel ftah Elsawy Zahra,M.B.B.CH,Department of Chest,Faculty of Medicine,Tanta University, Elsanta, Gharbia, Egypt. Tel:+20 01091584687;e-mail:3olazahra@gmail.com

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