K. Utsumi*a (Dr), M. Nakashimaa (Dr), F. Teradaa (Dr), S. Akashia (Dr), A. Shimadaa (Dr), S. Oonakaa (Dr), A. Aoyamaa (Dr), A. Nagaia (Dr), M. Odaa (Dr)

a Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital, Kawasaki, JAPAN

* kutsumi@msh.biglobe.ne.jp

Self-expandable metallic stent (SEMS) is not indicated for benign stenosis of Bronchus or trachea.

Benign stenosis must be opened by Silicon stent such as Dumon stent, because removing of stent will be need. Rare situation was proper for metallic stent of benign stenosis. We have an experience with a case of benign tracheal stenosis patented by SEMS 20 years ago.This case is Symmetric polylipomatosis ( Madelung Disease) . He sufferd dyspnea and was performed resection of Lipomatosis of neck. But dyspnea was deteriorated. Bronchoscopy revealed a tracheal stenosis due to Lipomatosis of neck. Balloon dilatation was tried but no full enlargement of tracheal stenosis .We selected SEMS for this tracheal stenosis. After 20 years, this case was suffered of asipiration pneumona and then Bronchorscopy was performd. SEMS maintained as equal as inserted position. A few granuloma was existed at the terminal position of SEMS. We report long term patency of SEMS for benign tracheal stenosis.

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