JR. Acibal*a (Dr), JR. Gononga (Dr)

a Lung center of the philippines, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES


INTRODUCTION: Bronchial carcinoid tumors were historically defined as bronchial adenomas and were considered benign, with good clinical prognosis. Bronchial carcinoids are rare, accounting for 0.5% to 2% of lung tumors.

CASE: This is a case of a 31 year old female patient who was seen initially in a private clinic for work clearance due to incidental finding of right lung atelectasis on chest X-ray. No accompanying symptoms such as difficulty of breathing, cough, easy fatigability, weight loss and hemoptysis. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy was done which showed complete obstruction of the right main bronchus by the smooth rounded mass approximately 1.2 x 1.2cm. The patient was initially offered referral to thoracic surgeon for lobectomy, however, she initially refused and was then referred to interventional pulmonology team wherein cryoablation and cryorecanalization were performed.

CONCLUSION: Endobronchial treatment such as cryotherapy provides an alternative treatment for typical carcinoids of less than or equal to 2cm in size without lymph node involvement and metastasis elsewhere. Its minimally invasive nature in combination with locoregional advantages make it an attractive therapeutic approach for patients with intraluminal located carcinoids.

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