Q. Liu*a (Dr)

a Shanghai East Hospital, Shanghai, CHINA

* lzlqhlz@163.com

Without enough study due to the rarity of disease, treatment of TACC is still controversial today. Currently commonly used treatment methods for TACC include surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. Result of a recent published systematic review indicate that further exploration for better treatments and better-quality data to provided directions for physicians is still expected based on limited evidence.We still have not enough evidence to evaluate thermal ablation or cryoablation for TACC. Here we described an endotracheal intubated 34-year-old female of Primary endotracheal adenoid cystadenocarcinoma (TACC) who was misdiagnosed for more than 3 years. She was received endoscopic resection with repeated thermal ablation followed by cryoablation therapy and radiotherapy 5 years later. No metastasis or breathing difficulties was observed within nearly 10 years following up. Evaluation of the endoscopy therapy over extensive surgical resection for TACC is urged.

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