P. Prasenohadi*a (Dr), S. Zukhraa (Dr), AC. Putraa (Dr)

a Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Unversitas Indonesia, Persahabatan Hospital, Jakarta, INDONESIA

* praseno@gmail.com


Balloon bronchoplasty is a procedure central to practice of interventional bronchoscopy. It is easily used with both flexible and rigid bronchoscopy. It may used with fluoroscopic guidance over a guide wire or under direct vision. Balloon bronchoplasty is most commonly employed with high long term success for non-malignant causes of airway stenosis but it is also in malignant diseases. This technique is generally used in conjunction with other techniques. The balloon should be silicone based and able to provide radial force. The inflation syringe must have a pressure gauge and knowledge of burst pressure must be observed. Complications are generally mucosal tears and minor bleeding but rupture of major airways and vascular structures have been reported.

Case Reports

We report a case of a 20-year-old male with lung tuberculosis and stenosis distal of trachea and right main bronchus. Patient still under treatment with tuberculosis drugs for 8 months. Bronchoscopic ballon dilatation were done twice to dilated the stenosis of the right main bronchus. For the second performed the stenosis was dilated and bronchoscope can be passed. We used flexible bronchoscope under direct vision for this procedure with no complications.


Bronchoscopic ballon dilataion using flexible bronchoscopy under direct vision was usefull in airway stenosis due to tuberculosis with no complications and safe.

Key words: bronchoscopic ballon dilatation, airway stenosis

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