Y. Benbetka*a (Prof)


* benebetkayacine73@gmail.com

First described in 1897 by Kilian; exploration of the subglottic airways has really developed, especially after the development of the flexible endoscope. We propose in this work, the study of the contribution of this bronchial fibroscopy in the intensive care and surgery departments as well as the various problems encountered. It is a retrospective study of 50 interventions at the level of the different services: - 20 for difficult intubation: Operating rooms. - 30 for aspiration : intensive care. In intensive care, the field of application of bronchial fibroscopy has extended, thus protected brushing and LBA make it possible to establish a diagnosis of bacterial pneumopathies with good specificity. Intubation is done by: - See nasal/buccal. - Tracheostomy tube). - Tracheal intubation tube Bronchial fibroscopy solves the problems of difficult intubation or probe positioning; patients at risk of difficult intubation are identified during the pre-anaesthesia consultation.

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