HK. Gonuguntla*a (Dr), PVS. Belgundia (Dr)


* harikishang@outlook.com

A wide variety of diseases involve tracheobronchial tree ranging from benign conditions like sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, amyloidosis, endobronchial lipoma to malignant conditions like lung cancer, neuro endocrine tumours. Conventional techniques to obtain tissue samples in endobronchial pathologies include brush cytology, forceps biopsy and conventional cryoprobes (2.4 mm/1.9 mm). conventional cryo probes have shown superior diagnostic yield compared to endobronchial forceps for endobronchial malignancies.

In this prospective observational study, we aim to compare the diagnostic yield of a novel flexible miniature cryo probe (ERBE 1.1 mm, 20402-401) with conventional endobronchial forceps biopsy (FB-233D) for endobronchial pathologies (benign and malignant).

Study results will be discussed during conference.

Disclosure of funding source(s): none